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Buenavista lodge: one of the most economic lodges offering full pension and their own boat to take the tourists to the different islands, especially Francisquí and Madrisquí

Arrecife: Perfectly equipped offers one of the most complete service

Canto de la Ballena: also offers several services.

Tropicana: It has four bedrooms with private bathroom. Meals are served on a spectacular deck.

Cayo Luna: This is one of the most economic lodges offering a good service.

Guaripete: It offers eight rooms with private bathroom,
with simple decoration and an illuminated internal patio.

Caracol: located in front of the beach. Visitors are received in a large patio. Those who want can enjoy eating on the beach.

Plaza, Las Palmeras, Macabí, Vistalmar: These lodges belong to the LTA Aerotuy. Each one has an average of 10 rooms with private bathroom, perfectly equipped.
Lodges (posadas):

Buildings in Los Roques have to comply with strict regulations due the fact that it’s located right in the heart of the National Park. There are no luxury hotels, but a great variety of lodges (posadas), from the simplest one to the most luxurious which are proud of their gastronomy.