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Dive sites

The reefs are healthy and, in sheer numbers and diversity of fish, Los Roques looks more like an Indian Ocean reef than a Caribbean one.
Depth: 20-70 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate.
Have formations of coral stones and canals with a few shipwrecks. Just north of Gran Roque you will find some of the most fantastic caves ever seen under water and enjoy will seeing big Groupers and Rays.
Dos Mosquises.  
Depth: 45-180 feet.
Skill level: Advanced.
Features splendid reefs, Turtles, and is the site of the biological research station.

La Ahogada.
Depth: 60-140 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate. 
Similar to La Guaza, beautiful at night, often visited by big Barracudas, Turtles, Eagle Rays etc.
Boca del Medio.
Depth: 30-70 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate. 
With many different diving spots to go and the most incredible encounters with vivid corals, all kind of fauna, big covey of Barracudas, rays and Nurse sharks makes a visit to this part of the park something to remember.
Depth: 45-70 feet.
Skill level: Novice. 
Easy diving in shallow waters up to 30 feet deep.
La Buceadora. 
Depth: 45-80 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate.
Similar to the other two but different for the kind of fauna and flora, and here you’ll find big flock of Tarpons.

La Guaza
Depth: 30 to 140 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate.
The rock spire tops out at 30 feet, dropping to 60 feet on the inner side, and sloping to 140 on the open- ocean side. Covered with cup corals, encrusting sponges and sea rods, it's a gathering point for fish as diverse as queen angels and red lipped blennies, smooth trunkfish and black grouper.
 By a rock formation you’ll see the widest selection of Groupers, and big Pelagic fauna on crystal clear water only few minutes away from Gran Roque.
Cayo Sal
Depth: 150 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate.
All three sites are located at the west end of Cayo Sal. They include a current-swept mini-wall from 60 to 150 feet and a series of small caves between 90 to 100 feet. There are plenty of fish from clouds of tiny fairy bass lets to big cub era snapper. Spotted eagle rays on the steep reef slope are a no miss.

Boca de Cote
Depth: 45-70 feet.
Skill level: Intermediate.
The reef between two small islands stretches like a net to catch the nutrients and juvenile fish flowing out from the lagoon. This explains the presence of many fish including orange- spotted filefish, several varieties of blennies and massive
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